As a complete provider of graphic solutions, with our combined expertise we can bring your projects to a better-than-expected result.

  • Our integrated expertise makes PPI Graphics a complete provider of graphic solutions. We can complete your projects with results that will exceed expectations.

  • From the very outset of your project we have consultants that listen to your goals and challenges. We create a customized approach to guarantee your project comes in expertly, attractively, economically, all in a timely way.
  • PPI Graphics has a complete graphics design staff. We can create art, integrate third party art, incorporate content into stunning designs.

  • Our state of the art equipment will dazzle you with its capabilities, and is a big reason we can outdo competitors at all levels of a project.

  • Every step of your project seamlessly moves from inception to execution to delivery with a commitment to streamlining. Our methods are designed to reduce waste, avoid slowdowns and still create a quality product. The bottom line is – we look to save you money at every stage of the operation.

PPI Graphics has a complete graphics design staff. They are able to create art and manipulate your design to fit differing equipment requirements. As your project moves through the production area our vast experience in all aspects of our production reduces waste and remakes which reduces your overall cost. Our production staff are members of the GCIU labor union. We can therefore add the union label to your finished piece.

PPI Graphics also provides a complete mailing option. Whether it is long run match mailing or a short run post card we can support all your mailing requirements. We can provide first class mailing, list preparation, presorted, non-profit as well as every door direct piece delivered directly to the post office with all the required documents.

Most print buyers realize a savings by purchasing larger quantities. If you have not looked at inventory and release programs we can offer that service to you. We can produce larger run lengths which can save you money and we will ship per your instructions.

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