With Covid-19 causing the closing of the Stark County District Library, they need an inexpensive way to reach their patrons.

The rash of closings due to the Pandemic affected all areas of public service, including the Stark County District Library. Though the actual library building would be closed to the public, the library offers other off-site services such as eBooks, eMagazines, streaming content and audiobooks. Thousands of local residents would be impacted. The public utilizes the library, and would need to be informed of its actions and schedules moving forward, as well as how to access the other services.

Further complicating the library’s issue was that delivery is expensive. Third party companies were outrageous, and even the Post Office has ever-increasing costs. But PPI Graphics had an idea.

The key was to avoid address-specific mailings. With such a product each piece would have to be processed through the Postal system increasing the chance for errors, mis-routing, dead end deliveries. Our Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) simply identifies the actual postal routes the USPS uses throughout the district. Once the cards are created it is only a matter of getting the mail sacks of cards on the chosen trucks. When a carrier collects the mail to be distributed, he also grabs enough cards and includes them in his delivery.

The obvious virtue for the consumer is lower delivery cost, with less potential for waste. As for the Post Office, they simply had to load trucks with pre-prepared sacks. Less hands, less worries.

Our solution used the postal system EDDM mail and reached over 113,000 local patrons. By other methods, this would have cost over 30 cents a piece at the least. PPI got the job done at seven cents.

You can see, PPI Graphics doesn’t “cookie-cutter” our jobs. We look at the big picture and find the best solution for what you need. Signed, sealed and delivered.

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