A major Ohio bank contacted our team with the following challenge: It was their goal to generate $25 million in new small business loans. The bank gave us the parameters of what they needed and a general sense of the market they were trying to reach. The idea was to help pump more capital into local industry, but how to be heard above all the other marketing noise of competing banks?

Gumball Machines!

Figuring that we wanted a look that was positive, all-American and a little fun, we produced dozens of eye-catching classic gumball machines. Next we produced a logo. Finally, we direct-mailed them to every branch of the bank.

No one can resist at least checking out a brightly colored gumball machine, especially in a usually formal bank lobby. These are red, functioning, “put a nickel in, get a gumball,” type of machines with glass globes and party-colored treats.

Then, we created labels for each machine. The labels contained the bank’s logo and the following text:

Here’s a great demonstration of how we at PPI can address every angle of your marketing solutions so that you can spend your time doing what you do best: your business.

The associated information about the loan offer was right at the machine, making it convenient for customers to consider the offer, and of course, apply for the loan.

PPI was able to create a compelling branding concept, apply the concept to produce the appropriate merchandise, distribute the product to each appropriate outlet, all in a cost-efficient, mindful way. The bank simply sat back and allowed us to get to work.

The bank had a homey, notable addition to their public areas, but more importantly, it surpassed its small business loan-making goals.

Gumball machines

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