Complex, Attractive Ticket Printing with Sequential Numbering, Table Numbers, and Matching Help Info

PPI Graphics uses high-tech solutions to print sequential tickets with custom table maps for The Pro Football Hall of Fame Festival Committee Events

The Pro Football Hall of Fame Festival Committee is a busy and sprawling event that takes place at the revered shrine to generations of football greats in Canton, Ohio. Guests occupy several venues, require table assignments — some even in another building entirely. Ticketing, navigation and flow control could be a frustrating experience for guests, and a logistical nightmare for the hosts. But it’s neither.

Why not?

We provide each guest, upon arrival, a custom, unique entry ticket including building, room, table and seat. Further, on the back of the ticket are clear, personalized instructions guiding the guest to the proper location.

With 16 different sets of instructions and thousands of tickets, such a print job could be a slow, tedious, expensive farce – loading new images for each ticket, collating, guaranteeing each guest gets the proper one. There’s a smarter way.

PPI Graphics has the technology and printing resources to seamlessly print sequential table numbers, assigned seat numbers, along with a vibrant image on the front of the ticket, and a corresponding set of clear instructions on the back. The printing press doesn’t stop running, it simply pulls data from a database and dynamically creates each ticket without stopping.

The Pro Football Hall of Fame Festival Committee ticketed events require one of three different images on the front, depending on the event, and 16 different sets of images and text on the back so each attendee has a map to the proper table and seat.

Our cutting edge software and state of the art printing presses can efficiently manage a large number of complex variables. For example, when printing the ticket numbers and table assignments for this event, we must take into account that some conference tables have eight seats per table, and some have 10 seats.

In the old days, it would be required to have techs manually changing out plates each time the image changed: a slow, laborious process – increasing the chance for mistakes and economically draining. With PPI’s technology a number of combinations of data can be accommodated and printed, all of which we can do with zero chance of error.

At PPI, the presses keep running, dramatically improving turnaround time and keeping costs low.

The applications are endless. We could include the guest name on the ticket, for example, to prevent ticket scalping or seat-switching.

Event ticket printing is only one area our technology can improve. We handle jobs as simple as sequential numbers on raffle tickets, and as complex as utility bills requiring accurate name, address and balance due.

PPI Graphics is proud to be the printer of choice for such high profile events as the Hall of Fame Festival Committee, and it serves to make us strive to be the industry leader in Variable Data Printing.

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