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For more than a year, the Pandemic has been challenging all aspects of our lives. We discover new issues as they arrive with their unexpected considerations. For example, when Election Day was quickly approaching, the State of Ohio needed to place social-distancing information at every polling place in every county in a timely way. A challenge like this requires quick action, efficient labor and economical quality solutions.

As a Union shop and a local business, PPI Graphics is a government-friendly vendor. City, County and State offices recognize us as reliable and cost-conscious. Additionally, anyone who’s dealt with the mechanics of invoicing and collecting from government entities knows the hassles. PPI is already in the systems, so we work smoothly with any agency. Hence, PPI became the no-brainer choice for this job.

Printing up a batch of signs seems to be a straight-forward uncomplicated task. However there were many moving parts to this particular assignment, meaning there was a lot of room for slowdowns and mistakes, which any business understands means loss of time, reputation and money. For example: how many precincts in each county? Which ones have loading docks? Which don’t? Some sites had to be shipped by UPS because the product had to be hand carried in.

Further, this annoying Pandemic caused a shortage of plastic A-frames. Normally this job should have taken 6 to 8 weeks. Balloting was a few weeks away. With our staff of expert consultants and techs, PPI developed a customized approach that would not only guarantee delivery, but minimize human error and other costly issues.

In less than two weeks, PPI Graphics produced 3,550 two-sided A-frame signs with clear and attractive instructions. These were promptly delivered to all 88 county Boards of Elections. Including Franklin County, Ohio, where the capital city Columbus is also the county seat. They received 25 skids of 13 boxes each. Over in Hamilton County – Cincinnati we delivered 35 skids. PPI Graphics was able to quickly, economically and efficiently deliver them all in time for Election Day.

At PPI Graphics, it’s not just about print and run; we solve problems and create quality product.

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