Promotional Products

When your company represents itself publicly – trade shows, corporate events, etc. you want to be confident your branding image is excellently represented. Media kits, welcome bags, tchotchkes, and any other materials can be prepped and delivered by Innovative Trends.

  • Unlimited product list
    We can put your logo on just about anything you could imagine: office supplies, gift bags, clothing, joke gifts, toys, umbrellas – literally unlimited.
  • Artwork services
    Don’t have a logo? Hate your logo? We have a consulting and design department that can give you an eye-catching brand.

  • Kitting available
    As important as the promotional products themselves, their presentation is also key. We provide assembly and packing services, making fulfillment of your products a snap – convention bags, media kits, sample packs, branded event kits and more.

  • Warehouse release program – guaranteeing smooth supply delivery
    The custom supplies for your promotional products can be maintained in our inventory. This means you will never be short or waiting on necessary items when you need them.

  • Membership in ASI (Advertising Specialty Institute) which gives us the ability to screen for only the best suppliers.
    ASI  is an inter-connected, worldwide network of businesses that creates an invaluable resource for every aspect of promotion, branding, fulfillment and supply. As members we have an inside track on whatever needs we discover for you and your business.

  • Promotional Products
  • Promotional Products
  • Promotional Products

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