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When PPI Graphics opened its doors for business in 1932, Canton had already evolved into an economic powerhouse. It was home to dairies supplying most of northeast Ohio, Hoover Vacuum Company, today’s Diebold Nixdorf and Timken Company, and many other vital providers to a growing America. Most well-known about Canton is that the NFL was formed here in 1920 as the American Professional Football Association. Canton is the proud home of The Pro Football Hall of Fame.

PPI has grown with Canton over the last eighty years, through the Depression, World War II, the digital revolution, and now in the age of technological explosion, we have tooled ourselves to respond to the needs of the region’s industry.

As a rock-solid business anchor in the community, PPI has reflected the reliability of our community. In our time here, we have had a leadership change only three times. The most recent was in 1995, when Kevin M. Smith, having worked his way up through the company, purchased the company. He still comes into work every day to ensure the quality of our service. Our staff has an average of 22 years work experience, careers that span from the letterpress days to today’s cutting edge technology. We can give you the full print and promotion experience.

The landscape of print needs for businesses and individuals is constantly morphing, so PPI has created two specific departments: Commercial Printing and Manufacturer’s Consulting. In addition we incorporate a sister company Innovative Trends, who are experts in Promotional Products.

We have recently added four new high-tech printers, including two super-wide formats. It is essential we keep ourselves ahead of the tech curve to provide clients with quick, attractive and affordable service.

PPI strives to be a ‘one-stop’ provider. As Manufacturer’s Consultants, we can custom create jobs that address your specific needs that will be cost-effective and timely.

PPI Graphics
Commercial Printing and Promotional Products

Kevin M. Smith

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Since 1932

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Commercial Printing and Promotional Products

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