PPI Graphics can provide every support to running an effective, winning political campaign

Running for public office is an intense, detail-oriented process requiring all aspects to be coordinated. Reaching out to the constituency, informing them, staying visible and relevant, and most importantly, getting them into action to get votes are all challenges to be met. PPI Graphics has all the tools to create the image you want and accurately target it to the voters you need.

Every campaign has its own budgetary and logistic considerations. We provide pre-campaign consultation to guarantee the candidate gets his or her message out to the right audience at the target cost.

Most elections start with an initial fundraising letter with a pledge card and a reply envelope. We retrieve mailing lists from local boards of election, additionally we obtain absentee voter information. This information can be filtered to maximize the focus of a candidate’s message. Typical filters are party affiliation – Republican, Democrat, Independent – but we can also determine other voting habits: Did they vote in the last 3 out 5 elections? Is the precinct a high or low turnout area? And other crucial distinctions.

Image is super important. How do you want your branding to look? Are there hot-button issues you want to amplify? Through advertising companies can produce art, PPI has an in-house Design Team, helping to streamline the entire campaign process.

Once branding, budgeting and targeting are figured out, then we can support the candidate in implementing his or her strategy.

Yard signs are still the best low-cost option. Signs are normally 24 x 18 or 48 x 48. However, we can print as large as precinct rules allow.

The most popular tools are postcards. Even if the card goes directly from the mailbox to the recycle box, in the minute or so the voter looks at it, the candidate’s name, a catch phrase and perhaps the stance on an issue will register with the voter.

We follow the old advertising idea that three different messages to the same address will cement the candidate’s message in the elector’s mind. Beside post cards, we suggest door hangers and scratch pads delivered door-to-door as they are highly effective.

By filtering information for mailings, a candidate can get a head start in primary elections. We have the ability to add voter names without slowing the production process, additionally it is sometimes more effective to remove the names and replace with “voter or current resident.” As for absentee ballots, we can do “chasers” – mailing information to those voters.

If it is important to the candidate the union label can be added, as we are a union shop.

PPI Graphics has helped many candidates navigate the obstacle course of a campaign. If you want to pursue a run for public service, let us help you win.

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