Having grown and established ourselves in our community, PPI has become an award-winning business fixture. In over 80 years in Canton, we have had a leadership change only three times. The most recent was in 1995, when Kevin M. Smith, having worked his way up through the company, excelled in the Sales Department, decided to buy the company. Kevin still comes into work every day to ensure the quality of our service.

Our staff is every bit as loyal as our leadership. The great folks who work for us have an average of 22 years work experience. Think about it, some of these careers span from the letterpress days to today’s digital technology. We are savvy in this business, providing you with the full print and promotion experience.

Our client list is long and represents the best of our community. We have worked with government agencies from neighborhoods, to city, to county and even state level. Because of our experience with the public service sector, we already have cleared many bureaucratic hurdles, making for smooth relationships. We are also proud to be a part of the annual Hall of Fame Festival, nothing is more Canton than the NFL which started here in 1920.

In addition to our service to public entities, we have solved print/promotion puzzles in the private sector – providing large format posters and signs for myriad businesses, pinpoint mailing strategies for direct-to-customer projects, and uncountable runs of customized tickets, tags, labels and just about anything else a printer can create.

Finally, we enjoy our work here at PPI Graphics. The newest equipment has mind-blowing capabilities that are exciting to implement. Having seen the print business from its days of complicated galleys, cumbersome ink replacement, and the tons of other analog systems that we take for granted today, we look forward to the next innovations and providing them for our clients.

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Commercial Printing and Promotional Products

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